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Losing someone or something can feel like you lost a part of yourself. If you’re ready to get that part back and find it somehow got better while it was away, then you came to the right place. It’s a place where you honor yourself and your loss. Backed by the Grief Recovery Method®, St. Louis Grief Recovery offers you the option of processing your grief privately with a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, or joining a confidential small group of people like you, making their way back to living life fully… to where you can think of that one special memory and smile without missing a beat.

St. Louis, Meet the Grief Recovery Method®

A practical, hands-on, action-oriented method of processing your old and new grief.


A heart broken can be mended or opened

Break the heart wide open and let the light that’s inside shine.

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About Nina
Time does not heal wounds by itself. It's what you do, as the time passes, that matters.
Nina Riaz