Men Are Just As Emotional As Women.

SNAPSHOT: After all, human is human.  It's where, when, and how you're raised and socialized that determines your emotional expressiveness. FULL VIEW: I heard recently, and forgive me, I can’t remember where, that it is possible that men are actually more emotional than women.  The person said, ‘look at young children and compare the girls to the...

Anger is Your Friend

If you’re feeling angry, don’t judge yourself. Thank the anger for alerting you that something’s not right. Then, conduct the HALTS test – are there any vulnerability factors that are making you feel differently than you normally would? If so, make a plan to resolve those factors and tend to yourself. Finally, ask yourself, what is the anger trying to tell you about the situation? Do you feel a loss of power or a loss of control? Then problem-solve: how can you assert power or control over the situation now or in the future? How do you express your boundaries? Rehearse your requests and potential conversations, and the anger will begin to fade.