About Nina

What’s a Grief Recovery Specialist®?

A Grief Recovery Specialist ® has completed the training to become certified by the Grief Recovery Institute.  Such a specialist must adhere to the program and process outlined by the GRM ® and has been deemed competent to facilitate private and group sessions.  The specialist continues regular training and education with the GRI.

St. Louis’s Grief Recovery Specialist® is Nina Riaz.  She became certified in 2017, after almost 3 years in the integrative health field providing on-the-spot grief counseling for her clients as needed.

It was not the GRM® that introduced Nina to the power of grief, though.  In 2012, Nina completed an intensive workshop by Sobonfu Some, a medicine woman from the Dagara tribe in Africa and one of the world’s most eminent teachers about grief.  She risked the traditions of her tribe to share their grief ritual with the world.  Nina is honored to be one of the people to carry that torch forward.

Before the power of grief introduced itself to Nina, her background was in international human rights law.  She obtained her law degree and master’s in international relations in St. Louis before venturing to India and Washington D.C. to serve the communities of India and Missouri.

From these experiences and her education, she learned to use reason and evidence to evaluate anything, especially the efficacy of a program like the Grief Recovery Method®.

Eventually, Nina landed in San Francisco to obtain a master’s in religion and philosophy, and it was in this graduate program that she met Sobonfu.  There, she also learned about different religions and philosophies, granting her understanding to work with folks of any faith.

When she moved back to St. Louis, Nina brought all this experience and education back with her to help her hometown grow heal and grow.  She began working for, and continues to work for, a local non-profit as a community-based case-worker, helping the most underserved population of St. Louis with anything from legal issues to processing their grief.  Her private GRM ® practice is only open on Saturdays as she continues this public service.