Grief Recovery Method®

What is the Grief Recovery Method?

The Grief Recovery Method ® has arrived in St. Louis from the West Coast.  It is a practical, hands-on program that takes 7 – 8 weeks to complete, with 1 – 1½ hour sessions completed in a safe and confidential space, privately or in a small group with like-hearted people.

This program is different from grief support groups you may find at any religious affiliated facility for several reasons.

First, the GRM® approaches religious and spiritual beliefs neutrally.  By this, we mean anyone from any walk of faith can utilize this program and we encourage you to do so, either by itself or as an adjunct to your religious grief therapy group.

Secondly, it is a program – a method.  There is a structure, and the structure has been proven to help people move through grief by processing it.  There are no minutes or hours… days or weeks… of talking without moving or processing emotions stemming from unresolved grief, as can happen in some groups.

Thirdly, the facilitator is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist with extensive education and experience in helping people heal.  Not every grief facilitator has the same background, training or certification.