It’s a Process – My Dear Friend, Craig, Part 3

Life and death are not things. They last more than the minutes on the birth and death certificates. Life and death are processes, and the choices that we make on a regular basis are often choices that land somewhere on the spectrum between aliveness and death.

Unresolved Fights – My Dear Friend, Craig, Part 2

Unresolved issues with loved ones who have died can become resolved. It does not matter whether you are religious or spiritual and believe in a hereafter, or not. The Grief Recovery Method® helps you resolve those issues regardless of belief.

My Dear Friend, Craig (Part 1)

In this blog, Nina shares about her most recent and most intense loss: the sudden death of her best friend growing up, Craig.

Grief Isn’t Just About Someone’s Death

Grief is not just restricted to what you feel after someone’s death.  Grief is also what you feel when any kind of change occurs.  It might be why Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s “5 stages” was overly expanded to cover so many other things that it wasn’t designed to. Grief can occur after any of the following: when...

Stuff It – Food and Grief

Our culture has equated food with feelings. Celebrate? Cake! Dinners! Sad? Casserole! Cookies! I urge you to find alternatives to expressing your feelings that do not involve food, and to use food for its only true purpose: fueling and replenishing our bodies with vital nutrients.